Can What We Say Influence What We Think?

Research Book #3.
June 2017-November 2017. 

Vol. 1 

This Book investigates to what extent language shapes the way we perceive the world around us.
My curiosity in analysing the capability of language of affecting the way we perceive the world arises from a core research oriented towards understanding the relationship between language misuse and identity politics.

This book is a further exploration of the findings obtained in the research book #2: Language Misuse & Identity Politics.

Vol. 2

This book is a visual reaction to the findings obtained in Vol.1. Section #1 is dedicated to the first visual approaches to the issues. Section #2 contains the visual language generation of the audiobook See What You Say.

Vol.1: REPORT.


First visual research approaches to concepts such as identity politics, assumptions and language influencing thoughts.

See What You Say visual language generation.

Printed and Bound at London College of Communication,
November 2017.

Coptic Bound Books.
Paper: Vol.1” South Bank Smooth 100 gsm;
Vol.2* Fabriano White Eco 120 gsm.

Paper Supplier: John Purcell Paper.
Typefaces: Balboa Plus, Vendetta, Lo-Res 28.

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