Language Misuse and Identity Politics.

Research Book #2.
March-June 2017.

This book explores the research key concepts which brought me to the question: Can What We Say Influence What We think?

The book focuses on the relationship between terminology and Identity politics, holding the focus on language as a bridge between ideas and actions. If language is a bridge between what we think and what we do, how can the act of pondering our language choices help us cope with diversity?

The abstract painting theme is part of a set of visual experiments in reaction to the question: How can I represent the complexity of social identities?

Printed and Bound at London College of Communication,
June 2017.

Coptic Bound book.
Paper: Cover-Colorplan Ice White Damask 175 gsm.
Inside-Strathmore Writing soft white 118 gsm. 
Inserts-Munken polar smooth crisp white 100 gsm.
Paper Supplier: GF Smith.
Typefaces: Alda, Lo-Res.

Illustrations: Scanned Liquitex Acrylic +
Liquitex Gloss Heavy Gel