The Solar Bag.

AWIA is a bag designed for gathering, transporting and using water in villages with wells. 

This bag is the result of the thesis research conducted for BA Product Design (Design del Prodotto Industriale) at Politecnico di Milano. (October 2015 - June 2016)

The project was selected to be featured in DESIGN X DESIGNERS Exhibition 2016, Politecnico di Milano - Bovisa Design Department, April 2016.

Awia is designed to fill up trouble-free when dealing with wells up to 30m deep. Using common stones as a weight, the bag will enter the water in a vertical position encouraging a leak of air inside it. Once full, the bag helps to deal with waterborne bacteria and viruses contained in the water. Awia is composed of two polyurethane films:  the lower is black, to attract the sunlight; the upper is transparent, in order to let the sunlight in and retain the heat. The antiseptic properties of polyurethane make the process of pasteurization possible, a process through which we can obtain bacteria-free water to drink. In order to do so, the bag needs to be located in a reflecting panel which, by using solar energy, will bring the water temperature to 65°C. Reaching this temperature, 99.9%* of pathogen microbes will be deactivated. Thanks to a special adaptation of a device named WaPI (Water Pasteurization Indicator) inserted into the bag, the user will have a visual confirmation of the finalisation of the process.
*Solar Cookers International Network (SCInet).

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Protoype assembled in Politecnico di Milano (3d Workshop),
June 2016.

Main body: Electrowelded Polyurethane films.
Welding Machine: Codritel,Via Alserio 1, Milano.

Bag cap: 3D Printed ABS.
WaPI adaptation: Lathe, Plexiglass.

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