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I'm Camilla Susini, a research-oriented graphic designer with a background in product design. In my freelance practice, I make visual languages for publications, services, businesses and brands.

I collaborate with my clients to develop concepts and ideas through a balance of visual exploration (analogue* & digital) and obsessive attention to context. *I enjoy the constraints brought by physical assets – I believe they add some magic to the design process.

︎ I worked with+for
Tmrw Magazine, Beyond-Exact, Liv East, Penalty Magazine, De-LabMaria Kreyn, Kokono, Gionatan Scali, Karl WillettLay Zhang, Butterfly London, LAWRS (Latin American Women’s Rights Service)

I’m currently freelancing, I’m based at Millers Junction.
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︎ Education
Master of Arts - MA, Graphic Branding & Identity, University of The Arts London, LCC, 2016-2017
Bachelor’s degree - BA , Industrial & Product Design, Politecnico di Milano, 2012-2016

︎ Friends
Joe & Mitch: El Food Brothers / Giovanni: Dokama Skateboards / Mèlody: Work / Eva: Studio Abacus / Oscar: Zeez / Dominika & Lorenzo: Still Not Quite / Jeremiah:The Tech Memo, Carbon Chain / Balindt: Granny Project / Ryan: Work / Tim: Paladrin / Reem: Rimbo’s / Chiara & Alberto: Manitu Studio / Marco: Zolletta Typeface / Maddy: The Pop Up Girls Shop