I’m an Italian-born designer based in East London. I’m interested in digital design, illustration, 3d and print processes.

I visualise people’s ideas, and sometimes my own. I delight the constraints brought by physical assets – they make the design process even more enjoyable.


︎tmrwmagazine.com/Revolution Issue – Art Direction & Design, Editorial

︎tmrwmagazine.com/Lay Zhang – Art Direction & Design, Editorial

︎beyondexact.com/Maria Kreyn – Assistant Graphic Designer, Fine Art Exhibition

︎Kokono – Product Design & Prototyping

Freelancer since 2016

Designer @Butterfly, London, 18-20

Graphic Design Intern @Beyond-Exact Studio, London, 18

MA Graphic Branding & Identity, University of The Arts London - London College of Communication, 16-17

BA Product & Industrial Design, Politecnico di Milano, 12-16

Florence, 93



Joe & Mitch - El Food Brothers
Giovanni - Dokama Skateboards
Mèlody - Projects
Oscar - Zeez
Dominika & Lorenzo - Still Not Quite
Jeremiah - The Tech Memo, Carbon Chain
Balindt - Granny Project
Ryan - Work
Tim - Paladrin
Reem - Rimbo’s
Chiara & Alberto - Manitu
Marco - Zolletta Typeface