I'm Camilla Susini, a research-oriented graphic designer with a background in product design. In my freelance practice, I make visual languages for publications, services, websites and brands. ︎Keep reading 



Get a glimpse of my work  Here or request a portfolio. I’m currently freelancing – I’m based in London E8


University of The Arts London (LCC) – Master of Arts / MA, Graphic Branding & Identity, 2016-2017 
Politecnico di Milano – Bachelor’s degree / BA , Industrial & Product Design, 2012-2016



Balindt: Granny Project * Mèlody: Work * Giovanni: Dokama Skateboards * Eva: Studio Abacus * Oscar: Zeez * Dominika & Lorenzo: Still Not Quite * Jeremiah:The Tech Memo, Carbon Chain * Ryan: Work * Tim: Paladrin * Reem: Rimbo’s * Chiara & Alberto: Manitu Studio * Marco: Zolletta Typeface * Maddy: The Pop Up Girls Shop